Cindy Olah- E-RYT
Cindy Olah- E-RYTStudio Owner & Head Instructor

As a long time yoga student, Cindy has experienced how this beautiful, ancient practice has empowered and awakened her in so many ways. She began her studies by receiving her teaching certification in 2002 through Peachtree Yoga Center. She continued with many renowned teachers mostly being influenced through the life affirming practice of Anusara® Yoga. Even though she has now resigned her Anusara affiliation, she received her Anusara Inspired Certification in 2011. She has also received certifications in hypnotherapy and is a Reiki Master. Cindy served as a lululemon ambassador in 2010/2011 and was also voted best yoga instructor in the “Best Self Magazine Best of 2013 Contest.” She opened Sacred Garden Yoga, which has been thriving since 2003, and has also led several retreats to the mountains of N. Georgia, North Carolina, Costa Rica and Peru. She is also lead instructor in SGY’s Yoga of the Heart Teacher Training program and founder of the Sacred Alchemy {Live, Love, Thrive} program. In her 20 years of study, Cindy has cultivated a teaching style that strongly integrates alignment of body, mind and heart. She understands both the energetic and physical body so is able to help her students align their bodies to provide greater strength, balance, freedom an clarity. Cindy loves philosophy and is a bit of a spiritual junkie so her teachings are richly infused with theory, but translated in a way that is applicable and practical for greater understanding. Her greatest aspiration is in empowering others to find  joy, purpose, and complete well being in their lives.

Born in Peru, Cindy is fascinated with the relationship that the native Peruvians have with nature and loves to incorporate this knowledge into her teachings. A modern day mystic, she is highly empathic, loves ceremony and is a well renowned energy worker. Having that latin flare, Cindy and her husband have also been enthusiastic salsa dancers for over 15 years. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her greatest teacher and grand musician- her son Ethan, who is 12 and the source of so much delight and inspiration.

Meet Our Staff

James Amos
James AmosYoga Instructor- RYT
James began yoga as a stiff old guy with hopes of relieving his tightness and pain. He found relief and then a passion that continues to motivate his teaching and personal exploration.

He is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, certified by Yoga Alliance, and teaches in the Hatha Vinyasa style. He completed his teacher training with Cindy Olah at Sacred Garden Yoga studio in 2015.

He is strongly focused on alignment, accepting where you are today, finding balance between effort and ease, and practicing in a mindful and supportive manner. His goal is to help awaken in others their abilities for self-exploration and development. He holds a Masters degree in Psychology and is retired from a 30 year career as a computer software engineer.

Erin Beadle
Erin BeadleYoga Instructor- RYT
Erin was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits of flexibility and balance. After many months of steady practice, she began to catch a glimpse of benefits that exceed the physical. This led to the pursuit of her 200 hour RYT under the expert-eye of John Merideth. Erin truly believes that yoga can benefit everyone and aims to make classes that motivate and challenge her students. She is key on alignment and helping her students gain a better mind/ body awareness. Erin is truly passionate about health/wellness and nutrition and has been a chair of the health and wellness committees at her son’s elementary and middle schools. Above all, her most important role is being a wife and mother to 3 boys.
Carole Fischer
Carole FischerYoga Instructor, RYT
Carole Fischer is a wife, mom of two young children, and former elementary school teacher. Carole became a student of yoga 5 years ago when she was pregnant with her son. At the time, she wanted to relieve back pain, but soon realized that yoga was much more than stretching and breathing; yoga is a vehicle to observing strengths and perceived weaknesses, opening up to grace, reaching out to others more freely, and finding a sense of empowerment. Vinyasa inspired, Carole is a natural story teller, and weaves the breath and mythological heritage of yoga into her classes. Her education background has allowed her to work closely with many people and has inspired her to share her passion for yoga with others. She received her 200 hour yoga certification from Sacred Garden Yoga with Cindy Olah.
Kendria Frampton
Kendria FramptonYoga Instructor- RYT
Kendria’s yoga journey began in prenatal. During a time of excitement and uncertainty she was looking for a way to gain calm and focus to prepare for labor and delivery. What she found was a guided path that awakened her to reconnect with her spirit.

Over the years many changes occurred in her life but the one constant for Kendria was yoga. Kendria has a reference for yoga and uses her practice to fine tune her instrument. Kendria’s unwavering devotion to her practice has led her to share with others through teaching what she has learned. Committed to her practice she continues to study and hopes to inspire confidence, connection, and an understanding of one’s own light with love and direction.

T.V.K. Desikachar said, “The only authentic yoga is one which works for each person according to circumstances and needs and there are many possibilities.” Kendria concentrates on teaching mind, whole body, and spirit alignment as this is what she practices herself. With respect and gratitude she looks forward to seeing you in class.

Diane Gottlich
Diane GottlichYoga Instructor, E-RYT 500
Diane Gottlich is a Registered Yoga Teacher at E-RYT 500-hour level, certified by the Yoga Alliance with over 1600 hours of teaching experience. She trains every year with Yoga Masters like Patricia Walden, Rodney Yee and Judith Lasater. Diane is also a licensed Neuromuscular Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist and a Certified Reflexologist. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and has been a healthcare management/IT consultant for 30+ years. Her advanced clinical training and education combined with her compassionate spirit, shines through in her open hearted teaching style. Her classes are inspirational, educational and fun!
Bridget Maddocks
Bridget MaddocksYoga Instructor- RYT
Bridget started taking yoga shortly after her first child was born purely for the physical benefits. Her practice wasn’t consistent but she continued throughout three more pregnancies over the next 10 years. However, after her fourth child was born, she began to feel increasingly overwhelmed, tired and anxious. Years of putting herself last finally began to take its toll on her physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga became her only safe place and she knew there was something very powerful in that.

She signed up for the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training at Sacred Garden Yoga Studio not to become a teacher but to satisfy her desire to understand yoga more fully. Over the next four months, her life began to transform in ways that she could never have imagined! So much so, that she decided to teach so that she can share her story and her passion for yoga with others! She teaches a vinyasa flow bringing awareness to her students’ inner power and strength.

Yoga is an amazing journey of self-discovery. It takes courage and strength, power and persistence. It is about unbecoming everything that you are not so that you can become who you were truly meant to be in the first place. Be bold, Be brave, Be fearless!!

Julie Patchouli
Julie PatchouliYoga Instructor- RYT
Julie is a mother, yoga teacher, introverted lover of people, and fledgling poet.

She completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training in March of 2016. And has since continued to study and walk the Vedic path, honing her skills as a teacher with nearly 500 hours of vinyasa, pranayama, and meditation taught in the last two years.

Julie is a student of the Tantric path of Fire and Light. For her, yoga is both somatic and spiritual. And this is evident in her vinyasa classes.

Julie came to yoga in her search for relief from intense anxiety. Through asana and pranayama she was able to “come down out of {her} head, and step back into her body.”

She credits yoga with saving her life and is deeply honored to share her love for this powerful medicine with practitioners of all experience levels.

Her classes are centered around the students connection to their breath. Postures are cued to emanate from that breath connection.

Carolyn Purvis
Carolyn PurvisYoga Instructor- RYT, PYT
I spent my twenties and most of my thirties in Corporate America, “living a life of quiet desperation.” I discovered yoga in 2002 and it changed my life! What started off being a weekly “exercise” class soon became the doorway to numerous physical benefits, emotional growth and spiritual awakening. My truest desire is to help every student discover the innumerable benefits of a lifetime yoga practice, learn how to heal themselves, and discover more about who they really are. I was licensed through Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved training in 2006 and completed my 500 hour Professional Yoga Therapist certification in 2009. Although my training has encompassed many forms of yoga with many teachers, my emphasis has been help my students to customize a safe and properly aligned practice.

Michelle Sessions
Michelle SessionsYoga Instructor- RYT
Michelle began dabbling in yoga in her mid twenties, and fully devoted herself to the practice when she began studying with Cindy Olah in March of 2008. She was so inspired by her practice that she decided to become a certified teacher in order to share this wonderful way of life with others. Michelle completed the Anusara Immersion program with Gina Minyard in early 2011. She then received her certification through the Carolina Yoga Teacher program in September 2011. The program was taught by renowned Anusara teachers Sarah Faircloth, Kelley Gardner, and Stacey Millner-Collins. Michelle is also a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. She continues to be influenced by the Anusara style of yoga. Additionally, she has taken workshops with John Friend, Christina Sell, and Ross Rayburn. Michelle believes that in the context of a comfortable, inviting environment that everyone can enhance their lives with yoga.
Lisa Shopov
Lisa ShopovYoga Instructor- RYT / Massage Therapist
Lisa found yoga in 2009. Prior to that time, she had been actively involved in mountain biking, personal training, and attaining her Associates degree of Science in Massage Therapeutics. Although Lisa approached yoga with the intention of dealing with flexibility, anxiety, and chronic muscle pain, she quickly fell in love with the practice and its many transforming benefits.Lisa completed her 200-hour teacher certification by Yoga Alliance certified instructors and she is deeply grateful to all the teachings that have been so generously shared with her by her teachers. The desire to be of service and to share these experiences with others has led her to teach.

To Lisa, yoga is more than just a physical practice done on the mat. It is a way of living consciously that includes not only asana (physical postures); but also meditation, scriptural study, pranayama (breath work), and how she relate to others and to herself. Her intention is to deliver yoga as a lifestyle of courage, moderation, awareness, abundance, and creativity.

Brice Elizabeth Watson
Brice Elizabeth WatsonKPJAYI Authorized Teacher
Brice started practicing yoga in London, England, in 2001 at the age of 18 and became a daily Ashtanga practitioner under Atlanta-based teacher Gary Jones in 2010. Gary was instrumental in teaching Brice full primary and encouraging her to go deeper in her yoga study. From there, Brice became a student of David Garrigues in 2013 (one of 47 certified by the late Pattabhi Jois) of Philadelphia, PA. With David, Brice began to deepen her philosophy study, Sanskrit study, and practice of pranayama and chanting. In 2015 Brice became a student of Sharath Jois (lineage holder of Ashtanga yoga, grandson of the late Pattabhi Jois) and KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Brice continues to take annual trips to India to study under her teacher, Sharath, and while in India continues to study Sanskrit, chanting, and philosophy under Lakshimsha at KPJAYI.