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Our hatha yoga classes are strongly alignment based, with emphasis on mindful movement so that your practice is enhanced whether a beginner or experienced student. So many of us come to yoga to enhance freedom in some way, whether it’s to be free from stress, pain and anxiety or simply to experience more freedom in our bodies. We provide a noncompetitive, friendly and comfortable environment allowing our students to experience all of the benefits that yoga offers.. Remember, there is no such thing as doing bad yoga. If we were all good at it, then we would not need to take classes. The biggest reason we hear for people not continuing their practice, is that they felt that they were no good at it. You are not supposed to be “good” at it when you first start, nor does anyone expect you to be. Be patient and kind to yourself. Eventually the practice will begin to open and strengthen your body, along with your mind and heart.

Our teachers are happy to create a safe and sacred space for you to explore all of your possibilites.

There are several Beginner level classes that are designed for new students. The Gentle Yoga, Restorative and Iyengar Inspired classes are also good for beginners. On the schedule, as your read through the description of the classes, the ones marked as Level 1 are beginner friendly. It may seem difficult at first but don’t give up! The benefits are well worth it.
Typically, students attend classes three to four times a week but even you can only come once a week, that is great. Just come when you can! You will always be happily welcomed.
Our classes typically incorporate floor work, standing poses, balancing poses, inversions, backbends and forward bends. The intensity depends on each student and the level of the class. We usually do a combination of vinyasa and held poses; and always emphasize body alignment, breath and mindful movement. We always begin with centering and perhaps some chanting and we always end in a relaxation pose.
You can drop in to any of our yoga class without having to preregister or call but you do have the option to sign up on line. By signing up ahead of time you are guaranteed a spot in class and it also helps the teachers prepare for class. Signing up also helps to save time before class begins.
Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Historic Marietta just between the Square and Kennestone Hospital at the intersection of Session St. and Campbell Hill St.
If you come during the day, you can park in our parking pad and also along the road. If you come in the evening after 5 PM, you can also park in the drives of businesses that are on our corner.
We highly recommend you bring your own mat and we have some to purchase in our store, however we do provide loaners if you forget or do not have one. Wear clothing that allows for full range of motion but not too baggy. If it is winter and cold outside, we recommend that you dress in layers, that way you are warm at the beginning of class and can then begin to take off layers as you warm up. Classes are done in bare feet, but it is OK to wear sock for the beginning of class.
Please arrive 10 minutes early and avoid eating anything heavy about 2 hours before class. We ask that you turn off your cell phones and avoid wearing any heavy perfumes as some are sensitive to the smells. We also ask that you leave all judgement and gossip at home.

I thank Cindy for providing the space and soul of Sacred Garden Yoga studio,
all the teachers for providing individual attention, guidance and
inspiration, and the other students for helping to create this sacred
community. – James