Have you wanted to try yoga but feel hesitant? Have you done yoga in the past and wish to renew your practice? These beginner basic classes are perfect for students who are brand new to yoga, those wishing to renew their practice after an extended absence, or those who have suffered physical injuries. Students will become comfortable moving their bodies through space as they flow with the breath. The focus will be on learning the basic form of poses with a concentration on setting a proper foundation and creating ideal alignment in order to move the body towards optimal function and health.
This class is appropriate for students new to yoga. There is continued focus on proper body alignment, foundation of the poses, moving with the breath and other yogic principles that establish the groundwork for your practice.
These classes are recommended for those who have some yoga experience or are physically active. Alignment will continue to be refined as a wider variety of poses are explored. Emphasis will also be placed on building endurance and flexibility through a combination of longer holds and up tempo movements. The instructor will also offer modifications as needed.
These classes are designed for those who have an established practice. Variations of vinyasa will serve as a warm up and a wide variety of poses are explored including backbends, inversions and arm balances.
Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga that is characterized by a continuous, progressive sequence of poses linked together by the breath. This class integrates alignment with mindful movement to build strength, fluidity and clarity. Check the schedule for different levels of this class.

This dynamic, vinyasa style class is designed to awaken your fire, build strength and enhance flexibility. Be ready to sweat, open your body, ignite your heart, find balance and move with grace and vitality.
LEVEL 2 (yoga experience recommended)

We have so much power in our core that often goes unrecognized due to certain holding patterns in our bodies. It is the fire within us that fuels our will and determination, propelling us forward in life. In this class we will focus on awakening that fire and regaining our core power so that we can maximize our personal feeling of strength and confidence. There are times to let go and times to take action. This class is about taking action and in doing so, we also gain more freedom and stability in our spines that helps to alleviate stress and discomfort in our backs. This is an all levels class that combines several yoga moves to enhance and strengthen our core and back.
Level 1-2 (some yoga experience recommended)

Enjoy a class combining pranayama (breath work), gentle moves, restorative poses and therapeutic yoga techniques to create a healthy body and peaceful mind. This class is great for those wanting a softer practice or recovering from illness or injury.
Level 1 (good for beginner/ all levels)

Emphasis is on alignment and holding of the postures in the classic Iyengar fashion. The use of props is encouraged. This class is great for beginners and those who want to concentrate on form.
Level 1 (good for beginner/ all levels)

When we start a yoga practice, we are usually seeking to be free from something- whether it is freedom from physical/emotional pain, stress.. or just wanting more freedom in our bodies. In this class, we focus on proper body alignment, foundation, moving with the breath and other yogic principles that establish the groundwork for your practice. Our intention is ultimate freedom in body, mind and heart! There are different levels of this class offered on the schedule.

Yin Yoga is a practice for everyone. It represents the more passive side of yoga, targeting the more “plastic-like connective tissues and bone structure and focuses largely on the region between the knees and the navel. By working slowly with breathing, gravity forces and natural motion, the body decides when it’s ready to go deeper. Yin rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit with a slower practice that allows one to settle into a meditative state, flushing daily stresses and mental tensions.
Level 1-2 (some yoga experience recommended)

This yoga class is appropriate for all levels and will incorporate both the deep stretching of yin and the sweet movement of flow. The slow flow will energize and warm the body while also building strength, balance & flexibility. The deep stretching allows the connective tissues and joints of the body to open, increasing flexibility while creating a calm, centered mind. The combination creates a very balanced, integrated and satisfying practice. Beginners will safely learn the basics while more experienced students can take the postures to new and deeper levels.

You surrender to a lot of things that are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your radiance… your integrity… your beautiful human grace.

– Yogi Bhajan