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Sacred Garden Yoga is happy to be offering
a 200-hour, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program led by Cindy Olah

If you are interested in applying for our Teacher Training, download the – SGY YTT APPLICATION 2020- here. Please contact us to ask any questions that you may have about our program.

Yoga of the Heart: 2020 Teacher Training

If you want to experience a profound learning and life changing course, among a group of supportive and like minded individuals, our teacher training program will give you just that. We aim to provide a safe and enriching environment, for you to deepen your practice, so that your own inner teacher can naturally unfold.

Cindy Olah, owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, will be the main course leader, with other wonderful teachers also contributing their wisdom and knowledge for an enriched learning experience. Cindy has been a long time yoga student and teacher. Her practice has lead to insight allowing her to blend universal ideals with daily life. Through years of study and refinement, Cindy’s teaching style integrates alignment of body, mind and especially heart. Her intent is to share this gift so that others are inspired to awaken their inner teacher.

A well rounded foundation will be provided, so that students feel confident in also sharing the wonderful gift of yoga to others.

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Sacred Garden Yoga of the Heart Teacher training is amazing! I am grateful to the Universe for guiding me to this program and putting Cindy Olah in my life. Cindy has put together the most balanced and comprehensive teacher training program. Two words that come to mind after completing my training under Cindy Olah’s guidance: Life Affirming! I will also end with a special quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it”, Roald Dahl. You will find all things possible after completing Cindy Olah’s, Yoga of the Heart teacher training course!

Carryn- 2019 Graduate

The program crafted by Sacred Garden Yoga is beautiful, all encompassing, and deeply rooted. I loved every second.

Elissa- 2019 Graduate

“The 200 hr YTT at Sacred Garden Yoga studio was comprehensive and challenging for the body, mind, and spirit. The teachers were excellent. There was a strong emphasis and solid coverage of anatomy, alignment, asanas, breath, energy, meditation, and philosophy; and special ‘workshops’ on Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, and the Use of Props. We had reading, writing, and journaling assignments, on philosophy, chakra theory, anatomy, spiritual investigation, and home practices of asanas, breath work, and meditation; all of which provided a framework and backdrop for in depth class review and discussion. The training also included introspection, and self-examination, both individually and within our group. We were encouraged to go inward and examine our motives, fears, strengths and weaknesses; to do a lot of self-evaluation, and to share our thoughts and feelings within our group. This was at times difficult but also very rewarding and gave us insights into ourselves both as individuals and as teachers. We had great opportunities for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and we finished with a strong foundation on which to begin our journey as yoga teachers.”

James- 2015 Graduate

Yoga of the Heart was a truly life changing experience. It has changed the way I look at practice and makes me always think about how I approach myself and others. Cindy was welcoming and kind but also created a space that was sacred and safe to question and learn.

Joanna- 2018 Graduate

“Cindy Olah leads the Yoga of the Heart teacher training with grace, kindness, enthusiasm, insightfulness and truth. Through yoga her Spirit guided mine to my authentic Self. Cindy was and continues to be dedicated to me and this teacher training. She is a true blessing and my gratitude will forever be hers.”

Kendria- 2017 Graduate

“The 200 hour Yoga of the Heart teacher-training program was everything I could have expected and more. The time we spent exploring concepts and postures within our own bodies and minds made for a transformative experience that will help us translate these same ideas to our own students. Cindy’s breadth of experience and knowledge were invaluable in creating an environment for us to explore the subtler aspects of yogic philosophy, which I greatly appreciated. This program was well-rounded and robust, with certain topics, such as anatomy, Ayurveda, and pranayama, being addressed by individuals who specialize in those areas. I also appreciated that the class was smaller, giving us plenty of individualized attention and the opportunity to create deep connections with our fellow trainees. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this program.”

Nicole- 2016 Graduate

“I had a marvelous time learning as part of the Yoga of the Heart Teacher Training at Sacred Garden Yoga in Marietta, GA. Cindy and her team of teachers provided clear instruction and support in alignment with the syllabus. We were also provided with the contact information of all guest speakers and teachers so that we could augment our studies by reaching out to them directly with any specific questions whenever they might arise. The content was thorough, yet it met our needs and was presented in such a manner that I felt we were all able to apply the various bits of information into our lives and our daily practice. I feel as though I was provided with the opportunity to take ownership of what I had learned as it related to me as a practitioner and teacher of yoga.”

Nadia- 2016 Graduate

“Cindy and the other teachers at Sacred Garden are phenomenal. They are all willing to help and share their personally journey with yoga to anyone who walks to the door. I left the course feeling like I not only gained knowledge but also had a yoga family. The 200 hour training at sacred garden was the perfect balance of spiritual and physical. The amount of time put into feeling proper alignment in our own bodies was explained and taught in a way that changed all of the participates and I feel will make us all effective teachers. The anatomy was coupled with yoga theory so that not only was my body changed but also my heart.”

Karla- 2015 Graduate

“The Yoga of the Heart Yoga Teacher Training was the most amazing experience. Cindy Olah and the other teachers went above and beyond to provide all of the skills that our class needed, to eventually teach yoga. Cindy has such a vast amount of experience that really inspires and encourages others. I wish I could do the training all over again, and would highly recommend this YTT to anyone!”

Katie- 2015 Graduate

“Yoga of the Heart Teacher Training offered me tools and knowledge to feel more comfortable to teach yoga that honors each individual’s body. This course is truly transformative because it empowers you to connect mind, body and soul while discovering your own unique strengths. I am so thankful to Cindy Olah and the rest of Sacred Garden Yoga staff for supporting me on this journey!”

Heather- 2015 Graduate

The teachings of The Heart of Yoga showed me how to lay a foundation for inner peace and growth while in an intimate and open minded space. I am now entering the next chapter of my life with a devotion to the many different practices and aspects that delicately combine into Yoga. I have been inspired throughout this program by teachers and role models whose teachings I’ll carry in my heart and hope to exercise studentship with again in the future. I can say this was a transformative experience for which I am truly grateful.

Crystal- 2019 Graduate, Your Content Goes Here

My training with Cindy at Sacred Garden Yoga was in a word, Intense! Physically by breaking down poses to find the correct alignment, mentally learning anatomy to understand the muscle groups in poses and how they work as well as developing mental toughness to push yourself to the edge, and then emotionally facing the shadows as they came to the surface. Learning about yoga philosophy and prana really peaked my interest. I plan to delve deeper into studying about them to incorporate in my teaching. Cindy created a learning environment that was sacred, safe, nonjudgmental and open. Her gentle touch physically and with her words gave me the space to explore and understand what I was experiencing when shadows were exposing themselves. My journey through training with Cindy changed my whole being. I am grateful that my quest to find a yoga teacher brought me to Cindy. To have her walk me through teacher trainer was invaluable.

Debie- 2018 Graduate

Sacred Garden is a magical space. There is so much life, energy, and intention there that it is hard to not feel safe or at home. Cindy is beyond amazing. The teacher training experience that she led is so difficult to put into words. It’s magic. She is magic.

Roxanne- 2018 Graduate

Yoga of the Heart teacher training had a profound impact on my life physically, mentally and spiritually. The program provides an indepth dive into yoga philosophy, postures and alignment as well as getting to know yourself. I am so thankful to have been guided to this training.

Brenda- 2018 Graduate

The school provided in depth time to learn poses, practice ‘finding our teaching voice’, the background and philosophy of yoga, and allowed plenty of practice to teach and work on ourselves during the course period. It was a great place to learn and open up to discuss any barriers we encountered along the way and to move through them to enrich our personal practice and teaching abilities.

Teal- 2018 Graduate

My time training at Yoga of the Heart with Cindy Olah and my sister students was an enriching and life changing experience.

Mary Dee- 2019 Graduate

This course will include, but is not limited to

Students will have an understanding of the anatomy of the physical body, kinesiology, and be able to implement what they learn in the postures. Students will know the anatomically correct position of the musculoskeletal system and how the asanas function to create stimulation of the physical and mental body.
Emphasis on setting a strong foundation first & teaching the proper engagement of muscles, to align bones and joints correctly, for each pose. We will be going into details of how to integrate and also extend out through the muscles and bones to enhance the prana flow in the body. The students will be able to articulate the importance of alignment and how through the asanas, they are also aligning to the bigger energy that brings forth healing, health and over all well being. Students will be able to teach proper alignment principles and also recognize misalignments so that they can help their students express their poses in a safe and enhancing way.
As we go through the asanas, we will be strongly emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of the postures. Students will learn how physical practice and breath effect each of the body’s systems and how to use the poses to create therapeutic benefits for overall well being.
The students will learn how to effectively warm-up, climax, cool-down a class and what poses to use for each. They will learn how to effectively use poses to build up and prepare for more difficult postures for the safety and happiness of their own students. The students will also be taught how to weave in meaning to a yoga class and how to use said meaning to help their students more deeply feel their practice.
Students will be confident in their understanding of the body’s energetic system and how our physical and emotional states effect the flow of Prana. They will understand how the physical body reflects the state of the energetic body and how to use asana, breath and thought to create balance in both.
The amount of yoga philosophy and metaphysics out there is so mind blowing, that there is only so much that can be covered in a 200 hour training. However we will begin to delve into the Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Shiva/Shakti and the deeper meaning of our practice as being an unfoldment of consciousness and bliss.
The personal practice of each student will be strongly emphasized in the training. It is through their personal practice that the students will be able to internalize what they are learning. What they feel in their body, they will be able to articulate and teach more clearly to their own students.We will also be offering many opportunities, throughout the training, for students to have hands on practice in teaching each other in the classroom. The students will then feel more ready to teach their own class with more confidence.

Refund Policy / Payment Policy for YTT

Payment Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $325 is required to reserve your spot for the SGY Teacher Training Course.

Sacred Garden Yoga Teacher Training tuition fees are due in full 30 days before the start of the program unless SGY and student have agreed on a payment plan format.

Payment Plan

After $325 deposit, 9 monthly payments of $297 are automatically withdrawn from credit card provided. Discount provided if paid in full up front.

Pay in Full Option (no payment plan)

Investment: $2795 (savings of $203)

Refund Policy

A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees in the event that:

  • The student provides written notice to SGY that he or she is withdrawing from the program; or
  • SGY provides written notice to the student advising that the student has been dismissed from the program.

Final date to withdraw from our program and receive a refund, minus the non-refundable $325 deposit, is 30 days prior to the start date of the program.

If withdrawal from the program is made 29-7 days prior to the start of the program, SGY will retain $500 and offer a refund for the rest of the tuition.

If withdrawal from program is made 6 days prior and into the first weekend of the program, SGY will refund 50% of full tuition.

If withdrawal is made after the first weekend is completed, no refund will be given.

If participating in the payment plan, no refund of tuition already paid, will be given.

2020 Schedule (NEW- Spaced Out & Time Friendly)

One of the best in Marietta- Nine Students Max

*Registration Open
  • We pick our applicants carefully to make sure we are a good fit. We also have a payment plan available that can be paid over the duration of the course. If you would like to apply for our program, please download our SGY YTT Application here. Once your application is received, Cindy will call you to chat and to answer any questions you have. .

    SATURDAYS: 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

    SUNDAYS: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

    Feb 1-2 |  Feb 29-1 | Mar 28-29

    Apr 25-26  |  May 16-17 | Jun 13-14

    Jul 18-19 | Aug 15-16 | Sep 12-13

This course is not just for those interested in teaching!

Yoga of the Heart is for anyone interested in deepening one’s practice, expanding self awareness and integrating knowledge into experience.

Please contact us at 770-421-9353 or info@sacredgardenyoga.com to find out if our teacher training is right for you. We look forward to sharing with you, in your journey of transformation and growth.