New Years Eve Radical Release Workshop & Burning Bowl Ceremony

//New Years Eve Radical Release Workshop & Burning Bowl Ceremony

New Years Eve Radical Release Workshop & Burning Bowl Ceremony

8:30AM- 5:30 PM

We have approached the end of another year! Are you finally ready to let go of your old stories and step into your highest vision?

At the end of a cycle we are often left pondering about our LIFE SITUATION. We think about all the things that we are grateful for but at the the same time, no matter how much gratitude we bring forth, there is still a gnawing feeling that something isn’t quite right. That same feeling keeps coming back no matter what we do, how much we think positive thoughts, how many vision boards we create, affirmations we make or gratitude journals we keep. No matter how much we try to follow the LAWS OF ATTRACTION, we keep experiencing the same old yucky situations over and over again.

The reason is because we are usually too quick to get to the positivity while skipping over the step of being RADICALLY HONEST with ourselves. If you want your life to shift, YOU CAN NOT SKIP doing the inner work of facing yourself fully.

We are super excited to be offering this day of transformation on the last day of 2017. We will do yoga of course. Then Cindy will be guiding you through some work of radical honesty, facing yourself, undoing limiting beliefs and redirecting your energy so that it can feed your highest visions instead of your fears. We will end the day with a burning bowl ceremony. It’s going to be fantastic and your are worth it. Your time is NOW!

We will spend the day working closely with each other so I am limiting the registration to just a few courageous souls. Get ready to rock your unconscious world to work with instead of against you!

You are fully capable of stepping into your power for 2018!

The workshop is from 8:30-5:30 at Sacred Garden Yoga with a one hour lunch in between.


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