Happy 14th Anniversary SGY!

//Happy 14th Anniversary SGY!

Happy 14th Anniversary SGY!


For 14 years, Sacred Garden Yoga has been a place for understanding, knowing and liberating ourselves through the practice of yoga. We have always known that yoga is so much more than just learning different postures and that the postures actually act as a gateway for a deeper understanding into a meaningful life. The yoga asana (postures) act as a way for us to practice how we want to live and move through life more fully. As we get to know ourselves through our bodies, we begin to reveal everything about us. We get to know our strength and potential and that through practice, the impossible suddenly becomes possible. On the flip side, but just as importantly, we get to know our deepest fears that keep us stuck.. and that there is a way through them. We also get to know that in the core of our being we have a wellspring of goodness, peace, wisdom, insight and inspiration. Through yoga, we learn to connect with that wellspring and how to muster up the courage to live from that highest place of truth. Of course, none of this is learned overnight, or even over a year but through the dedication and commitment that we give ourselves for showing up consistently. We are so proud, that for 14 years, our wonderful staff and teachers have also showed up, dedicated and committed, so that they could support you through your practice of life. We commit so that you can commit. We provide the sacred space for the fruits of your practice to unfold. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your quest.

With deep honor and gratitude,

Cindy Olah

November Anniversary Specials:

  • All brand new students, take your first class for FREE through November!
  • November 1st-7th: 10 pack class cards only $84.
  • Any auto renew member that refers a new member to join during the month of November, receives 50% off their next auto deduction.
  • Any student who writes a review on our Yelp, Google or FB page, will receive a $14 credit to be applied to whatever you want. (Can not be combined with any of the above offers but can be used toward a separate transaction). Just email us a picture of your review to info@sacredgardenyoga.com
  • 14% off of retail items through November (some items may be excluded).
  • Don’t forget our New Moon Satsang & Song on November 17th at 7 pm where we will gather for live music and dialogue.

Lastly, for those of you who want to start yoga but don’t know where to begin, check out our 3 Week Beginners Series Starting November 2nd. Click here for more information.

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