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Let this class be a tool for experiencing a radiant pregnancy!

Pregnancy and child birth can be one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have. Within a woman’s body is coded a deep and primordial intelligence that knows how to give birth. There is a rhythm to each woman’s pregnancy and delivery that guides her through her experience. Our intention is to support expecting mothers in trusting this deep intelligence so that they have a radiant and fearless pregnancy. We use yoga, breath work, meditation and open discussion. The movements are specific for supporting your changing body and giving relief to common discomforts.. as well as preparing you for delivery/recovery.

Prenatal Yoga has many benefits for mother and baby:

It cultivates breath awareness.

~ relaxed full breathing increases oxygen levels for mother and baby
~ massages internal organs
~ stimulates circulation and digestion
~ practicing breath awareness will enable mother to stay calm and centered during labor

Helps to create and maintain muscle tone of the pelvic floor.
~ creates pelvic floor stability

Optimal fetal positioning

Helps your mind and body to develop flexibility and sensitivity, strength and empowerment during a time of transformation
~ combats stress
~ tunes you into the natural intelligence of your body

Helps to counter act the discomfort of pregnancy

Stimulates healthy blood flow
~ generates a clear, confident feeling
~ encourages glands to work more efficiently

The benefits are so important and necessary. What an amazing opportunity you’ve been given! Open your heart to the possibilities of yoga.

This class is designed as a 5 weeks series but is ongoing to support you through out your entire pregnancy.

FRIDAY’S 8:30 – 9:45 AM
COST: $65

Pre-registration is required.
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