Bike Trail Construction

//Bike Trail Construction

Bike Trail Construction

Thank you for your patience!

I know parking has been a little difficult around the studio lately, especially for the morning classes, but the construction of the bike trail in front of the studio will hopefully be complete soon.

I spoke with a construction person today (August 9th) and he said, that depending on the weather, they will begin the side walk in front of the studio, perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend. This will mean that we will not be able to park in the driveway or parking pad for about 3 days.

For the evening and weekend classes, you can park in the Marietta Contact Lens Parking lot on Sessions Street which is right around the corner, one block up from the studio. They are closed during the evening/weekends and the owner has given us permission to park there when they are closed.

For the morning classes, the construction man said that we should be able to park along the road (where they are building right now) and if you don’t mind a little stroll, you can also park at Lewis Park.

Thank you so much for your patience during the construction. Hopefully we will have a pretty bike trail soon!!!

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