Yoga As Therapy

//Yoga As Therapy

Yoga As Therapy

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Today more health care practitioners are including yogic techniques in their approach to healing and more people are coming to yoga to relieve pain from a multitude of ailments. Yoga, practiced with therapeutic intention and application has been clinically proven to be among the most effective of complementary therapies to heal injuries, cure back pain and many other conditions, both physical and emotional.

In this workshop, E-RYT, Vicki Knight will share the principles of teaching Yoga As Therapy based on the teachings yoga master, Doug Keller and others in the field of Yoga Therapy .

In this class you will learn how to recognize and help correct structural mis – alignments that cause pain, help students avoid common pitfalls in their practice that can lead to injury, and how to give to give clear and concise instructions that will enable students to use yoga as a practice of self-study and self-healing. Please join us as we discover how yoga can help us recognize our imbalances, and empower us to restore ourselves to a dynamic state of balance so we are able to operate optimally and be free of pain and suffering.

COST: $35 Early Bird Pricing/ $45 after April 4th

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