Introduction to QiGong Series

//Introduction to QiGong Series

Introduction to QiGong Series

THURSDAY’S, 3/30-4/27
12:00-1:15 PM

In this series class we will go over basic Qigong movements for self-healing. These movements are based on the 5 Element Qigong style designed to bring our emotions in balance by combining breath, movement and intention. By the end of this series class you will be familiar with the 5 Qigong exercises that help to heal the 5 major organs of the body: lungs, liver, kidneys, heart and spleen. By bringing these organs into energetic alignment, we are better able to connect our mind, body and spirit. Please join us!

Mara Anthony :: Mindful Movement Classes

Mindful Movement classes comprise of gentle qigong movements and meditations that bring the body, mind and spirit to the present moment. All movements are guided by the breath and work in harmony with the body’s energetic centers and meridians to restore inner balance. By bringing our focus to the present moment, we are better able to allow the body to begin the process of self-healing. These classes are for those who wish to feel more centered in their being, creating a sense of inner peace for self-healing.

Mara is a certified Medical Qigong and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has been studying mindfulness and meditation for many years and has taught classes in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. She has also facilitated workshops and seminars in the Atlanta area.

COST: $60 whole series / $15 per class

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