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Energy Healing Session

Cindy’s specialty, through her energy sessions,  is as a shadow worker helping others reveal and heal aspects of themselves that have been hidden, pushed down, rejected or denied.

What is our shadow?
Our shadows typically reside within our subconscious and hold experiences as well as aspects of our selves that we have forgotten, hidden, rejected or pushed down. Often, we create shadows as a way of coping with painful situations that we were not fully able to understand or integrate. It works as a coping mechanism and is often necessary for survival at the time, but eventually if not reintegrated, our shadows begin to negatively impact our lives through holding patterns and beliefs that keep us fragmented and stuck in the past.

How does our shadow affect us?
When we have beliefs and holding patterns that were programmed from fearful times in our past, we eventually suffer emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually. We get a longing to feel whole again and to be free from our reoccurring habits and pain. Any aspects of ourselves that we have rejected or deemed as inappropriate will also consistently show themselves and play out in our relationships. Even though we may try really hard to suppress our shadows, they will ALWAYS show themselves in one way or another as it is our Soul’s mission to heal and to know our wholeness. The suffering that we experience isn’t because we are meant to suffer, but because we are meant to heal. Our Soul is trying to get our attention and will continue to do so until we finally listen.

Why is doing shadow work helpful?
Since your shadows are unconscious, it is helpful to have someone who can help navigate you through the often muddy terrain of your unexplored parts. In doing so, you can skillfully shine the light of your self awareness into these parts, see the holding patterns, release them and begin to make different choices. You can also begin to reclaim the aspects of yourself you have long denied, reintegrating and making peace so that they no longer act out and control your life. The most auspicious effect by far is self love as well as compassion toward self and others.

How can Cindy help?
As an empath, Cindy is highly sensitive to what others around her are feeling. Her sensitivity along with the many years of experience and training in Reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga and shamanism; gives her a unique edge in being able to intuitively offer just what is needed.

She has also done significant work on herself, as most people who are called to do this work, must do. She understands beyond an intellectual knowing of what is required, and with the help of her Spirit Guides and crystals, can provide the torch to light the way. She has received several Reiki and energetic attunements and in her 17 + years of working with many people, can pick up on subtle disturbances in the body’s energetic system. Her sessions are highly intuitive and often times include discussion, journeying, visualization, and Reiki.  Sessions also include the use of crystals, and other energy enhancing tools.

Cindy is NOT a therapist but instead an experienced intuitive energy worker.

These sessions are often very powerful and act as a catalyst to propel you forward on your growth, so be prepared to shift! One to three sessions are usually all that is necessary to work through a particular blockage.

Contact us to book your session or you can conveniently book online.

Cindy Olah
Cindy OlahReiki Master, Yoga Instructor


  • $127 for one hour session

  • $300 for 3 session package

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I am taking the opportunity to sing the praises of a truly gifted healer Cindy Olah. Cindy is the owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, and some people only know her as a fantastic yoga teacher (which she is), but what some may not know is that Cindy has incredible healing capabilities. She has experience with Peruvian healing, has worked extensively with Shamans and has studied hypnosis. (I hope I got all that right, if not, someone correct me!)
I had a 1 hour healing session with her and I can say it was an amazing experience!! Cindy has compassion and humility and was able to help me release a lot of what was keeping me stuck. Her intuitive knowing helped her to get to the root of what had a hold on me. My issues were not physical, but I would expect that she can help anything.
I highly recommend that you have a session with her before everyone finds out how good she is and she will be too busy.
“I came to Cindy for healing when things were falling apart in my life. Cindy helped me distinguish between the conflicting voices that were inside of my head and reconnect with the voice of my soul. I felt an immediate emotional shift and clarity right after my first session with her. Give Cindy a try and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!”
“As a person who hasn’t done much energy work such as Reiki, until now, I can say that my experience with Cindy Olah has created actual life changes in me. Some were unexpected, such as being more open with others, finding myself more focused, energized and happy; the realization that emotions I’ve been hold on to, carrying around on my back like luggage, would interfere with work, relationships, and personal growth. After that first session I needed to learn more of this energy work and it’s power. I’m forever happy with my decision to try a Reiki session and grateful the practitioner I chose was Cindy. She created a comfortable and safe environment for me to expose the “luggage” I so desperately needed to loose. She has a gift of healing, a kind heart, and a true desire to help others.”
“The Reiki session with Cindy was very powerful. She was able to find the area that was at the heart of my emotional pain and bring it out into the open for me. My work with her has begun an avalanche of healing and revelations.”